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Find up-to-date Spotify playlists with contact details of curators in seconds! No more fake plays, bullshit services or spending a fortune on social media ads.

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PlaylistOwl is the perfect tool for finding the contact details of Spotify playlist curators. It’s like your own Marketingteam on steroids. With its powerful search engine, you can easily find hundreds or even thousands of playlists on Spotify, with curators behind them who want to get in touch with you. So if you’re looking for a way to reach out to more potential fans, PlaylistOwl is definitely worth checking out!  

At PlaylistOwl, we believe that you shouldn’t have to pay exorbitant fees to marketing firms in order to grow your career. With our one-time payment system, you can avoid those fees and get unlimited free updates. Our software is compatible with all Windows computers and laptops.

If you put in the work, it’s highly likely that you’ll have at least +5.000 more listeners within the next month.


Example output of Playlistowl

You’ll get up to 500 playlists with each search.

Playlistowl SOftware in Detail
Made as easy as possible even for non techis.

We made sure that PlaylistOwl is user-friendly for everyone, even those who are not tech-savvy. Just type in the search phrase you want to get playlists from and click one button. That’s it! Let PlaylistOwl do the hard work of finding the perfect playlists for you. It’s intelligent algorithm will automatically filter the results so you can just sit back, relax, and let PlaylistOwl do the work!

We’ve added a first time user guide, plus some cool extra guides that will teach you how to get the best keywords for your searches. You’ll also learn the best way to find playlist curators who will put you on their playlist for free. Plus, we have some great tips and tricks to help you get on playlists that want money from you – all for free!

Story of PlaylistOwl

I have to start a way back.

I’m a musician too and I’ve tried everything to get my music streamed on Spotify. I’ve been making music for years and I know all the tips and tricks to get my music out there, but for some reason, my music just isn’t taking off. I’ve had my music on Spotify for over a year and I’ve only ever had 50 monthly listeners. I was starting to lose hope that my music will ever be heard by anyone other than my close friends and family. It’s frustrating because I know my music is good, but it feels like I’m stuck in this tiny little corner of the music world that no one knows about. I was not sure what else I can do to get my music out there. It’s so discouraging. You put so much time and effort into your music and no one seems to care. 

I was one of those artists that got ripped off by fake marketing agencies that promised the world but delivered nothing. I nearly lost my Spotify Artist account because of all the fake streams they generated. I was desperate to find a way to get my music out there and generate some real income, so I tried Social Media Ads, specifically Facebook Ads. I just burnt my money. I was about to give up. Then, I found a method that worked great. I connected with playlist curators on Spotify. These are users who have a playlist with followers. I asked if they would be willing to add my songs to their playlist. Some said yes, and my songs started getting exposure to a whole new audience. I’m not sure why this method works so well, but it does. Maybe it’s because people trust the taste of these curators, or maybe it’s because they’re already listening to the playlist on Spotify, so they’re more likely to check out new songs.

I searched for hours on Spotify, clicking through the playlists and putting contact details into a spreadsheet. This consumed plenty of time, but it was worth it. I messaged the people I found on Instagram, Mail, or whatever I could find. And it worked!! It was great to see my songs being enjoyed by others and it all started with some simple research.

I was so excited when I saw that my hard work was paying off and that I was finally getting some traction with my music. It felt amazing to see my monthly listeners number slowly but surely climb, and I was especially thrilled when I hit the 100 mark. I knew that this was just the beginning and that there was so much more to come.

I was HYPED! Now it was time to repeat the process. After a few weeks, clicking through playlists, searching if they have contact details, puttin them into a spreadsheet and contacting them. It really got borring. So I thought “man why I don’t I automate this repetive borring work”. And I did it. I’m a computer nerd (I study business information systems and learned to code) so I should have done this sooner. But better late than never, right?

I finished the early version of PlaylistOwl and I still can’t believe it. When I started using the automated version (early PlaylistOwl), I never thought I would get to 20k monthly listeners on Spotify. But within 2 months, I did it! It’s was such an unreal, crazy feeling.

I shared the early version with my friends and they loved it. That’s what gave me the motivation to keep going and make PlaylistOwl the awesome software it is today.

As a musician, I understand the challenges and pain that comes with trying to make it in the new streaming world. Fake streams, fake agencies, and the struggle to get any streams can be discouraging. As more and more companies geared towards musicians begin offering only monthly subscriptions, costs are rising. The fact that I could make a difference for other musicians out there motivated me to make PlaylistOwl available to the public. It’s a small one-time payment that should fit every musician’s budget, and I’m so happy to be able to share this amazing tool with everyone.

Dj producer is mixing a new music track
Dj producer is mixing a new music track

This was such a great feeling. I was HYPED! Now it was time to repeat the process. After a few weeks, clicking through playlists, searching if they have contact details, puttin them into a spreadsheet and again again again.  It really got borring. So I thought “man why I don’t I automate this repetive borring work.” And I did it. I was stupid not doing it earlier. I have a IT background (I study business information systems and learned already to code). So the earlie version of playlistowl was born. I shared this earlie version with friends and the feedback was amazing. And this leaded to playlistowl as it is today.

I think as a hobby muscian I share a lot of the pain that any kind of musician gets in this new streaming world. Fake streams, fake agencies, struggling to get any streams. More and more musician orienteted companies (like vst compnaies) offering only monthly subscriptions, everything get’s more expensive. And that is what motivated me to put playlistowl out to the public for more than just my friends.


So a quick sum up, for musicians from a musician. No subscriptions fees only a one time payment with lifetime free upadtes, like my favorite daw. Plus the pure sake of hating subscriptions based business models.


“I was struggling to get my music career off the ground when I found PlaylistOwl. Their software helped me to find spotify playlist that had contact details in them. My streams skyrocket and I got on plenty playlist.”
“Within a few days of using the software, I was getting more plays on my tracks and more and more people were starting to take notice of my music. Now, thanks to PlaylistOwl, my music is on hundreds of spotify playlist and my music is reaching a whole new audience!”
"I decided to look into music marketing and discovered PlaylistOwl. I signed up for their software and within a few weeks, it helped me to get on many Spotify playlists! I continued to use their software and within a few months, I had gained much streams and listeners on Spotify.”

Results of Artists using our Software

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60 Days No-Risk Guarantee

We believe in PlaylistOwl to be of the highest worth, and we regard it an important part of the process that you will be fully satisfied. For this reason, we offer a one-of-a-kind 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee to PlaylistOwl, allowing you to actually put the software to its full use while it is in your possession! If PlaylistOwl isn’t working as described here just send a mail to: and we’ll send you the full price back!


Mac Version?

We’re currently working on a mac version. Sign up to this list so you don’t miss the release. The mac version will be released in near future.

Does Playlistowl works on every Windows version?

We’ve tested PlaylistOwl on mostly every newer windows system. And it works fine. If for whatever reason you can’t run PlaylistOwl just hit us up and we’ll send you your money back. So you can test it without a risk.

I'm not very good with computers. Can I use playlistowl?

We made PlaylistOwl userfriendly even for non techis. Just type in the keyword you wan’t to get playlists from and click one button. That’s it! PlaylistOwl will do the rest to find the playlists for you.

We even added a instructions guide that will teach you everything you need to know.

What do i need to open the files ?

In our instruction guide we’ll show your 3 different methods to open the spreadsheet that PlaylistOwl will gather for you.

All 3 methods are easy to use. And also don’t worry if you don’t have Microsoft Excel. We’ll show you free alternatives.


On how many computers can I use playlistowl?

You can install and run PlaylistOwl on up to 2 computers. For example one on your Computer and one your laptop.

I have another question

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Feel free to ask any question.


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